Jul 302012

The NSTIC National Program Office (NPO) at NIST made a Discussion Draft of Steering Group By-Laws available shortly before the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) in May 2012, which provided a wonderful opportunity for the community to begin discussing them and providing feedback.

Concurrent with the announcement of the awarding and funding of a Cooperative Program agreement to Trusted Federal Systems as the Secretariat of the NSTIC Steering Group in July 2012 the NPO also announced that a first meeting of the Steering Group, facilitated by Trusted Federal Systems would take place in the Chicago area on August 15-16th.  Additional details regarding the meeting can be found here.

The NPO has stated that they expect the Draft Bylaws and Charter to be ratified by the Steering Group at that meeting and elections of delegates to the Management Committee held. Registration as a NSTIC Stakeholder can be made here and nominations for Management Committee delegates and Plenary Chair can be made by registered NSTIC Stakeholders here.

Also, in June of 2012 the NIST NPO Updated the Discussion Draft Bylaws to provide for an "Interim Period" of six (6) months after ratification during which further discussions on the governance of the Steering Group and perhaps ammendments to the Bylaws and Charter might take place. The revised Bylaws provide for a new election of officers to take place at the end of this "Interim Period"

The NPO and Trusted Federal Systems have also scheduled an online "webinar" for Tuesday, August 2nd at from 1:00 to 4:00PM EDT to further discuss their expectations, agenda and plans for the August meeting as well as to provide for discussion of details, issues and concerns regarding the Draft Bylaws and Charter. Further details and regsitration information for the "webinar" can be found here.

To encourage the community to document issues, comments and proposed ammendments the links below are to complete HTML copies of the revised Bylaws and Charter (not revised).

IDCommons has also created a mailing list for discussion of NSTIC issues including comments or ammendment to the proposed bylaws or charter. You can subscribe to that list here.

Both of these documents are annotated with "purple numbers" at the beginning of each heading, paragraph, or list item that can be used in (copied to) comments, e-mails, or other documents to cite (via hyperlink to this site) specfiic portions of these documents. 

Revised Discussion Draft NSTIC Steering Group Bylaws

Draft NSTIC Steering Group Charter





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Jul 302012
Trusted Federal Systems in its role as the Secretariat for the Steering Group seeks to inform the community about the upcoming Plenary meeting in Chicago. This Pre-plenary webcast on August 2nd at 1:00PM EDT is intended to help attendees prepare for the Plenary in mid-August. Additional details about this upcoming meeting in mid-August are available here. This webcast has been scheduled for three hours to allow ample time for questions and depending on the nature and number of questions the actual duration of the webcast could be shorter.
Registration is required to participate in the webinar. Click here to register.
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Jul 302012

Trusted Federal Systems (The New Secrtariat) and NIST have announced a Kickoff Meeting of The Identity Ecosystem Steering Group to support the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) on August 15 and 16 in Chicago, IL. near O'Hare Airport.

Additional details and instructions tor registration (required for attendance) are available on the IDEcosystem.org web stie here.

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Jul 302012

On Thursday July 12, 2012 Trusted Federal Systems (TFS) received notice of a grant award from the National Institute of Standards and Technology to serve as the formal Convener and Secretariat for the soon-to-be-established Identity Ecosystem Steering Group.

Trusted Federal Systems has established a new web site at http://www.idecosystem.org to serve as a primary communication vehicle to members or the NSTIC Stakeholder community. as well as the public at large.

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Apr 022012

The NSITC NPO has issued a third ammendment to the Federal Funding Opportunity for the NSTIC Pilot Projects.  This ammendment was published on March 26th and a link was posted on the NSTIC web site. However this link is quite difficult to notice as it appears only as the last phrase, Third Amendment, 03/26/12,  of the third bulleted item under Pilot Projects. In summary the amendment states:

  • NPO Pilot Project Review Complete – Friday April 6th 2012
  • Due date for submission of full proposal is now 5:00PM Eastern Time, Thursday May 10th 2012
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Feb 152012

As a service to the identity community including all individuals and organizations that are interested in the direction of the NSTIC and how it may relate to technology, business, law, public policy, privacy and civil liberties we have created an online "Stakeholder Registry" that is hosted at this site. Individuals whether participants in a specific organization or business that consider themselves stakeholder and contributors to the dialog and evolution of the strategy may sign up.

The main purpose of this registry to provide a means for community members to "find each other" and "self organize" both to discuss and review progress toward implementing the strategy as well as to participate together in activities like governance and pilot programs.

To sign up now click here.

You can view a summary list of others that have already signed-up here.


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Feb 072012

The below communication was delivered today by Jeremy Grant on behalf of the NIST NSTIC Program Office.  It describes the next steps toward setting up and initiating governance for NSTIC. 

Dear NSTIC Stakeholders,

I am pleased to announce the publication of a new NIST report entitled Recommendations for Establishing an Identity Ecosystem Governance Structure. http://www.nist.gov/nstic/2012-nstic-governance-recs.pdf

Following on the heels of last week’s Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) for NSTIC pilot programs, this new report lays out a path to establish what I have long viewed as the “long pole in the tent” of NSTIC implementation: the establishment of a privately-led steering group to tackle the complex policy and technical issues needed to create the Identity Ecosystem envisioned by the NSTIC.

The recommendations in this new report were directly influenced through our outreach to stakeholders like you. Last summer we sought feedback from stakeholders on how to create and establish a private sector-led Identity Ecosystem Steering Group. Through responses to a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) and a public workshop, we were able to collect invaluable insight from a broad cross section of stakeholders. Over 270 participants attended a June 9-10 workshop, and 57 stakeholders from private industry, consumer advocacy groups, privacy protection organizations, state government, and members of the financial and health care communities provided formal responses to the NOI.

This new report summarizes the responses and insights we received from across the community, and importantly, provides the government’s recommendations on the establishment of an Identity Ecosystem Steering Group that can bring together all NSTIC stakeholders – including the private sector, advocacy groups, public sector agencies and other organizations – to jointly create an online environment where individuals and organizations will be able to better trust one another, with minimized disclosure of personal information.

The new report contains several key recommendations, including:

  • The Steering Group should be established as a new organization that is led by the private sector in conjunction with, but independent of, the federal government.
  • The group should be structured to safeguard individual privacy and the underrepresented, through mechanisms like a special privacy coordination committee and an appointed ombudsman – as well as a charter which embraces openness, transparency, balance, consensus, and harmonization as key operating principles.
  • An administrative body to support the Steering Group should be initially funded by the government through a competitive two-year grant – to catalyze its formation and ensure there are no barriers to participation.  After a period of initial government support, the steering group should establish a self-sustaining structure capable of allowing continued growth and operational independence.

The report also includes a recommended charter to help jumpstart the Steering Group’s initial activities.

NIST intends to issue a Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) for an organization to convene the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group and provide it with ongoing secretarial, administrative and logistical support. This will enable the group to convene its first formal meeting late this spring. We expect to publish the FFO in the next two weeks.

NIST is also planning a follow-on workshop on March 15, 2012 at the Department of Commerce in Washington, D.C., to convene stakeholders, review the findings of the report and jumpstart NSTIC implementation activities in advance of the formal creation of the Steering Group later this spring. Specifically, we want to kick off a discussion on the governance recommendations and charter amongst stakeholders – ensuring that the first formal meeting of the Steering Group focuses less on the structure of the Group, and more on an actual work plan to tackle creation of the Identity Ecosystem Framework.

Further information about this event and other upcoming NSTIC events will be available at: http://www.nist.gov/nstic.

As always, we appreciate your continued interest and efforts – and look forward to working with you as we continue implement NSTIC and the Identity Ecosystem!

Jeremy Grant
Senior Executive Advisor, Identity Management

Feb 012012

The following announcement was just sent from NIST's Jeremy Grant, with important updates on the coming NSTIC funded pilots and plans for constituting a Steering Group, among other updates.  

We'll be providing information on these items and more over the next several days.  Looks like 2012 will be the year NSTIC begins true implementation.

Dear NSTIC Stakeholders,
After several months of planning, I am pleased to announce that the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) is moving forward on a number of fronts. The next two months will be marked by several major events and initiatives designed to further the implementation of NSTIC’s vision for an Identity Ecosystem!

Pilot Programs:

Today NIST released a new Federal Funding Opportunity (FFO) for pilot programs to support the NSTIC. The FFO can be found here and also at and www.grants.gov.

This $10 million pilot program FFO marks a key step towards implementing the Strategy and establishing the Identity Ecosystem. As with all NSTIC activities, the success of these pilot programs will rely heavily on your participation, innovations, and efforts.
The goal of this new grant program is to test or demonstrate new solutions, models or frameworks that do not exist in the marketplace today, and that will advance the NSTIC vision: that individuals and organizations utilize secure, efficient, easy-to-use, and interoperable identity credentials to access online services in a manner that promotes confidence, privacy, choice, and innovation.
Specifically, the NSTIC National Program Office is interested in funding pilot projects with innovative approaches to address some or all of the barriers that have hindered past federated identity efforts, and do so in a way that aligns with and advances the NSTIC’s four guiding principles – that identity solutions will be privacy-enhancing and voluntary, secure and resilient, interoperable, and cost-effective and easy-to-use. These pilots can thus provide a foundation upon which the Identity Ecosystem can be constructed.
There are many ways to get involved with the NSTIC Pilot programs:
  • Read and review the Federal Funding Opportunity available at http://www.nist.gov/nstic/2012-nstic-ffo-01.pdf, then spread the word to friends, colleagues, and co-workers.
  • Participate in our Proposer’s Day which will be hosted on February 15, at the Department of Commerce Auditorium from 9:00am-12:00pm. This event will give potential applicants the opportunity to learn more about the new pilot program and to meet and interact with other Stakeholders interested in supporting NSTIC pilots. It will also be webcast live at www.nstic.gov for those who can’t attend in person, with questions being accepted via Twitter (at #nstic) to support long distance Q&A.
  • Collaborate with fellow stakeholders, either through our Proposer’s Day event, or through outside venues, such as workshops, conferences, and online forums. We highly encourage the creation of consortia and teams to develop wide-reaching and effective pilot programs.
  • Submit project proposals that will help to build the Identity Ecosystem and accelerate adoption of the NSTIC. The Identity Ecosystem’s success will be built upon the foundation of private sector innovations, technologies, and standards. Abbreviated proposals are due March 7; a limited number of proposers will be selected from these and invited to submit full proposals.

The NSTIC Steering Group:

In the next two weeks, we also expect to release a set of recommendations for establishing a privately-led Steering Group to lead implementation of the Identity Ecosystem. This long-awaited document will detail the results of responses to a Notice of Inquiry we published last year, and lay out a clear path forward for a governance structure to tackle the difficult standards and policy issues associated with creating the Identity Ecosystem.


In addition to our NSTIC Pilots Proposer’s Day, we will also be holding events on both the east and west coasts over the next 45 days:

  • RSA Conference: On Wednesday, February 29 from 3-5pm in Room 121 of the Moscone Center in San Francisco, we’ll be holding a NSTIC update featuring White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt and NSTIC National Program Office Manager Jeremy Grant. The event will provide stakeholders with an update on NSTIC implementation activities including the pilots and Steering Group, and offer an opportunity to ask questions.
  • IDtrust Workshop: NIST will host its annual IDtrust workshop March 13-14 at the NIST Campus in Gaithersburg, MD. More information (including registration details) is at http://www.nist.gov/itl/csd/ct/nstic_idtrust-2012.cfm
For further details on all of our events please visit our website at www.nstic.gov
The next few months will be an exciting and busy time for NSTIC, the NPO, and our stakeholders. We appreciate your continued interest and efforts – and look forward to working with you as we continue to implement NSTIC and the Identity Ecosystem!
Jeremy Grant
Senior Executive Advisor, Identity Management